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"Embrace Nature, Go Natural!"

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus outbreak has affected different aspects of our lives. From lockdown to the inability of meeting with loved ones as well as the lack of interactions with the community, it has really been a challenge to keep ourselves sane. So as to cope with the situation we are facing, we took advantage of the time to discover, learn new things and appreciate nature.  

Castile Bar Soaps

Learning to appreciate nature lead us to create Soapsuds and Buds Naturals in the midst of a pandemic, in order to share the wonderful benefits of natural products.

With products ranging from Castile soaps, Disinfecting Room and Linen Sprays, Body Scrubs, Scented Soy Candles to Reed Diffusers and even Balms, our products will never fail to impress.

Our goal is to provide mild, effective and safe products using only skin and environment-friendly natural ingredients to cater to everyone's needs.

Hence, our motto: "Embrace nature, go natural!"